Ready, Set, Move!

How a lifelong “sitter” found a passion for fitness in retirement

group doing yoga

Joan Koch hasn’t always been active. But growing older, she realized how important fitness was to her health. Now she attends exercise classes, and though she spent most of her life behind a computer, she’s finding joy moving in retirement.

“Staying active helps keep my mood positive and my mind alert,” says Joan. “It makes me feel connected and appreciative of the life I have now.” Her love of travel is a big motivator. She recently traveled to Byers Lake in Denali State Park in Alaska and fell in love with the experience.

Joan knows exercise makes it all possible. “I have to make sure I don’t begin missing classes,” she says. With SilverSneakers, Joan is inspired to stay engaged. “The locations available and variety of classes are great,” she says. “Plus, our instructor at the local rec center, Vicki, makes it fun!”

Joan has found momentum in her movement. “The more I participate, the more I want to continue,” she says. “I feel young, active, and pain-free — I’m so grateful!” 


Member profile“Staying active helps keep my mood positive and my mind alert.” 

NAME: Joan Koch, 68 TOWN: Chalfont, Pa.