Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Get prescriptions filled and shipped to your door with a hassle-free pill-packaging program

Doctor grabbing medicine box from cabinet

Dear Dr. Heidi,

Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep track of all of my daily medications. Is there a simple solution that can help me? —Frank, 72

Dear Frank,

Remembering to take your medications isn’t always easy, but there are solutions that can help you organize them in a way that makes it easier to remember when and how to take them. One of my favorite tools? Signing up for a pill-packaging program.

How does a pill-packaging program work?

When you sign up for a pill-packaging program, your medications will be delivered to your home at the same time each month, saving you a trip to the pharmacy. All tablets are sorted into individual, easy-to-open packages, outlined with clear instructions about the exact date and time to take them.

How much does a pill-packaging program cost?

Typically, there is no cost beyond what you would normally pay for your prescriptions at a standard pharmacy within the Independence pharmacy network. It is free to sign up for the pill-packaging service, and anyone can do it. You can also sign up to have medications that are not in pill form, including sprays, liquids, and injections, delivered in a pill-packaging program.

What if I still have questions about my medications? Can I ask a pharmacist?

You can ask a pharmacist at your local pharmacy any questions you have about your prescriptions or about the pill-packaging program in general.


How do I sign up for a pill-packaging program?

You can enroll by contacting any of the following pharmacies that provide the service:

ExactCare Pharmacy provides a comprehensive review of your medication schedule and can send representatives to your home to review your medications.


PillPack Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy. It is owned by Amazon and provides the convenience of timely home deliveries.