You Say You Want a Resolution?

Small changes you can make to feel your best

You don't have to wait until New Year's to start a self-improvement project. If you're not a resolution-maker, help someone who is by suggesting a goal, like one of these.

Stay in touch

Don't let friendships fade. Make an effort to call, write a letter or email, or set a date to meet again.

Take care of medical issues

Have you been putting off a preventive screening or ignoring new symptoms? Make a point to schedule your annual visit with your primary care physician.

Eat a bit healthier

Start with a few tweaks: adjust your calorie intake as needed, eat more vegetables, choose heart-healthy protein like fish, or replace white bread with whole grain.

Add more steps

Walk an extra lap at the mall or store, or walk in place while watching TV.

Learn to ask for help

It's not surrendering independence if you really need help. When someone helps you, think of it as payback for all the times you helped someone.

Maintain the brain

Exercise your mind every day to stay sharp. Read, do puzzles, solve math problems, learn chess, or play word games like Scrabble.®