Smoky Veggie Burger Sliders

Serving Size
1 Burger
10 Sliders
Veggie Burger

Nutrition Information

Calories 176
Carbs 1.5 g
Sodium 204 mg
Protein 9 g
Potassium 425 mg
Fiber 5.2 g

Independence Live Recipe

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  1. Cook sweet potatoes
  2. Strain and rinse black beans, then dry with paper towel 
  3. Cut sweet potatoes into small cubes, discard skin 
  4. Chop onion, pepper and grate cheese 
  5. Grind oats in food processor, to size of bread crumbs 
  6. Add black beans to large bowl and smash 
  7. Add sweet potatoes, pepper, corn, cheese, spices, oats, and mix together 
  8. Whisk 2 eggs together, add to bowl and mix until combined 
  9. Form patties, heat skillet and add oil
  10. Cook 5 minutes on each side 
  11. Serve on salad or bun and enjoy!