Burger night, done light

Trying to eat less meat? With plant-based options like Beyond Meat® and Impossible™ foods now at your local store, you don’t need to cut back on juicy burgers. These patties crowned with crunchy slaw are so delish, you won’t miss the beef!

Now you are cooking!

Eating well is super important, but consistently preparing healthy food can be a struggle. Learn to make meal prep easier, whatever hurdles you’re facing
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Walk this way!

Reach your magic number of steps 

Log about 4,440 to 7,500 steps daily and your risk of all causes of mortality will decrease, according to research publ

Sun Smarts

Of the 5 million Americans treated for skin cancer each year, most are seniors. Yet only a quarter of older adults use sunscreen regularly. Shane Chapman, M.D., chair of dermatology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, answers questions. 

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