3 Tips to Keep Your Rainy Day Activities Fun

Being indoors doesn’t have to mean parking in front of the TV

family spending time together

When you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day, don’t vegetate on the couch—move! “The concept is basic: You want to move your body,” says Lauren Jacobson, a Dallas-based trainer who works with kids and adults and is a mom herself. Keeping your family inspired is the key to staying active and fighting cabin fever. Plus, research suggests too much sitting is hazardous to your health. Use these tips get your clan off the couch.

Make the Storm a Game
When thunder and lightning get scary, cheer up your kids by distracting them with a game. When you hear thunder, race down the hallway. When lightning strikes, get up and do jumping jacks. “We used to do that when I was a little kid,” Jacobson says. Your game doesn’t even have to depend on the weather—make one up for your kids’ favorite flick to keep movie nights active.

Create Kid-Friendly Workouts
You may not know when a storm is coming, but you can always keep family-friendly fitness tools at home. Jacobson recommends having a light medicine or squishy ball to toss around, some resistance bands (with handles), and a mat that can support your back while doing floor exercises. The mat and balls are great for kid games, so get creative. Something as simple as passing the ball around a circle or between partners can be fun, she says. Bring back Hot Potato!

Tackle Your Chores
Got an attic to clean or a few home repairs to take care of? Do them now—you’ll cross them off your to-do list, plus keep your mind and body occupied while a storm rages. These tasks can even serve as group activities. “I don’t think chores are a bad thing,” Jacobson says. “Make it fun or competitive. Putting stuff away is work. It’s all expending energy.” Don’t think of chores as boring tasks, but as an indoor workout that tidies your house.