Live without Limits

Living with diabetes shouldn’t be a limitation. From expert advice, to recipes that help keep your blood sugar steady, here’s how to more effectively monitor your condition—while still saving time for you.

Happy Travels with Diabetes

Tips to help you plan for a healthy trip

Photo: Woman and man looking at a road map and planning a trip.

Diabetes doesn’t mean you have to stay home. You just have to make some adjustments and take a few precautions.


Ask your doctor about any precautions you need to take when traveling, like adjusting dosages or timing of medications. Get a note stating you have diabetes. List any medicine or devices you need, including syringes, pumps, and meters. This will make it easier to get through security.

Ask for a copy of your prescription for your diabetes medication in case you need a refill when you’re far from home.


Call your airline if you have any questions about airport security screening, traveling with medications, and what to expect at checkpoints. Find good information at

Pack your diabetes supplies in your carry-on bag. Do not put insulin in checked luggage. It could be exposed to extreme cold or heat—and it might not arrive when you do. Carry snacks and glucose tablets or gel in case your blood sugar suddenly drops.


Don’t stash insulin in the glove box or trunk. It will get too warm and may lose strength. Keep it in a cooler with a gel pack if the car isn’t air-conditioned.

If you’re driving and start to feel shaky or uncertain, pull over. Test your blood sugar. If it’s low, consume 15 grams of carbs, wait 15 minutes, and test again. Stay put until you feel well.

Stash glucose tablets close by. Whether in your purse, wallet, or another designated space, know where necessary medicine is at all times.


Don’t go barefoot when walking on the beach or in the water. Broken shells or glass could cut your feet.

Keep insulin and all diabetes supplies out of the sun.

Check your feet at home.


  • • Small apple
  • • Very small banana
  • • 8 oz milk
  • • 4 oz fruit juice
  • • 5 wheat crackers
  • • 2 1/2 oz packet of peanuts