Make It Fun

Learn how to make exercise fun with these simple but effective ideas

people Kayaking

It doesn’t have to be “exercise.” if you’re not up for an official workout, try these fun ways to burn calories. People are more likely to stick with an activity when it’s one they think is fun.

Play ball
Join a softball league for a relaxing way to exercise. Burn about 300 calories an hour.

Rush the net
Play volleyball or tennis at the local playground for a good aerobic way to tone your upper and lower body. Burn about 400 calories an hour.

Head for the hills
Hiking toughens the lower body, and hiking on rocky terrain improves balance and agility. Burn about 400 calories an hour.

Row your boat
Paddling a canoe or kayak on a river or lake is a terrific upper-body strengthener. Burn about 300 calories an hour.

Flip a frisbee
Get caught up in the fun and you’ll forget you’re running. Burn about 220 calories an hour.

Dig a garden
Work your core muscles with all the bending over, reaching and pulling. Burn about 200 calories an hour.

Talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.