Go Local

6 reasons to shop at your neighborhood farmers market 

Woman standing over locally grown vegetables

Shopping for local, organic fruits and vegetables is good for your wallet, your community, and your health. Here are the top 6 reasons to seek out foods grown near you.

  1. You can eat a greater variety. Small-scale farmers plant a range of produce, including organic and heirloom options not always available at grocery stores.
  2. Local farmers often use fewer chemicals. Choose organic when you can to avoid harmful additives.
  3. The taste can’t be beat. Foods grown near you have time to ripen before they’re harvested.
  4. Locally grown foods have more nutrients. Foods that travel shorter distances keep more vitamins than those from farther away.
  5. You support the local economy. Local farmers sell directly to you, cutting out the middleman.
  6. It’s better for the environment. Foods from distant sources can travel more than 1,500 miles. A shorter travel distance means less gas and a smaller carbon footprint.