Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Serving Size
16, 2x2 inch brownies
Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Nutrition Information

Calories 132
Fat 6 g
Sugar 14 g

Enjoy a healthier spin on dessert!  These delicious flourless fudgy brownies have a great texture and have healthy B vitamins, magnesium and fiber. 

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  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease 8x8 in. pan
  • In a food processor, combine black beans, oil and 1 egg and blend until smooth
  • Transfer bean mixture to a large bowl and combine remaining ingredients (use ¼ cup choc chips)
  • Pour batter into 8x8 in. pan, sprinkle with remaining chocolate chips, and bake 32 minutes. Cool completely.